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Grip6 was started on a simple idea: that good quality is good for the customer, the environment, and the business. 
We make belts comfortable enough to wear every day and tough enough to stand the test of time. It just so happens that they look great, too. 
Grip6, the World's Best Belt.
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Standard Belts

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Narrow Belts

(Men and Women)

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Grips Tight: Badgerbite design means ​​a Grip6 belt will only let go if you want it to.

Lightweight: At only 80 grams total, you'll barely notice it's there. This is one of the lightest belts you'll wear.


Built to Last: Aside from an iron chain, this is the toughest belt in the world. Built to withstand 250 lbs of outward pressure and decades of wear and tear. We'll be genuinely surprised if you manage to break your Grip6 Belt.

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Versatile Style: Classic styles fit any look. Need something for a specific occasion? Just swap your strap or buckle!

Hugs Close: Flat, streamlined buckle, no awkward flap strap, guaranteed no gut pinch

Perfect adjustability: Did you enjoy dinner a bit too much and need to move up a half size? Or is your waist size 31.416? No problem!


Why Does It Work?


For starters, everything is made in our own workshop in Utah, in the US of A. Not Made in Ch***. We work with our own proud craftsmen, our own specialized machines, and our own proprietary technology. This lets us control our quality from start to finish. 


Do you see any moving parts on a Grip6 belt? No? That's because there aren't any. Our belts are designed to take advantage of the material properties used in its construction. The friction hold works so well, we've started calling it "Badgerbite". This also makes a Grip6 belt the lightest on the market - 80 grams for the entire belt, making it lighter than even a regular belt's buckle.

We've experimented with different ways of weaving Nylon 6,6. Our current weave lets you forget about common belt problems such as deformation, warp, abrasion, and stiffness. 

Our proprietary Fuselock Technology, developed completely in-house, means the load bearing locking end will take up to 250 lbs of outward pressure before popping. It also gives Grip6 its signature low-profile design. 


Our buckles are made of aircraft-grade 6061 T6 aluminum, guaranteed to last decades. They're either anodized or powder-coated for a durable hardened finish. No cheap chrome plating here.


Most nylon belts use Nylon 6 because it's cheaper. Our straps are weaved from Nylon 6,6 which has a higher rigidity rating, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and melting point. 

A3 Guarandamntee

All of the above craftsmanship and technology mean that all Grip6 belts come with an unlimited lifetime warranty. These belts will last longer than any other belt you own. That's the spirit behind our A3 Guarandamntee: Any Time, Any Reason, and Any Condition. If your Grip6 belt breaks, we'll replace it with only one question: how in the world did you do it? Simply reach out to us at

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How Does It Work?

How our belt works.

How to check your size.



Our founder, BJ Minson, founded Grip6 when he ran into a problem: his kids' cheap toys were breaking all the time, so he had to keep throwing them out and buying new ones.

That led him to a simple solution: buy products that were simple, functional, and long-lasting. But that led to another problem - everything was being made cheap and disposable. 

So he did what he could. As an engineering student, he loved product design and manufacturing. He started with something almost everyone took for granted: the belt.

He personally designed the first Grip6 belt and went on Kickstarter to get it funded. The result was extraordinary: in 30 days, he had an order of 10,000 belts.

In his own words, "I started GRIP6 and was excited to get to work making the new belts. I quickly realized I couldn’t make 10,000 belts by myself. I began looking for domestic factories to weave, cut and sew webbing as well as metal shops to cut and bend the buckles. I was committed to making the belts and sourcing the materials all in the USA. "


Mobile: +63917-8452517

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